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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy


Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Foot Reflexology and Trigger Point Therapy

Massage techniques date back to very early civilisations and have been utilised for a variety of purposes. Today, the therapeutic benefit of massage is well accepted with specific techniques continuing to develop throughout Westernised societies.

What is Massage?

Massage involves direct contact of "hands on skin". It is a technique of manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body.


The type of massage available to SFH clients is a combination of European, Chinese, and Swedish soft tissue manipulation techniques (a combination of touch and pressure). This style of massage is most effective when used correctly.

Objectives of Massage

  • Soothe the body and mind
  • Ease pain
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Assist skeletal alignment through muscle balance
  • Increase energy

Benefits of Massage

Massage aids the circulation of blood and lymph systems, reduces swelling, relaxes tension and helps us cope with the stresses of everyday life through the release of emotional tension.

Physical Benefits of Massage

  • Helps stop fibrosis (muscle fibres binding together)
  • Aids respiration (especially back massages)
  • Assists blood pressure control
  • Aids excretion of waste and old tissue
  • Helps facilitate lost movement therefore restoring mobility
  • Relaxes
  • Revitalises the mind and body

Language of Touch

It is a natural instinct to "rub away" pain and as such massage can assist in the enhancement of quality of life. Furthermore, massage reaffirms the receiver as a worthwhile person.


The massage program is intended for SFH clients. However, in addition to the Enrolment Form completed when commencing SFH fitness classes, clients will need to complete an "Massage Interview Sheet" prior to receiving any services from the massage therapist.

To Make an Appointment

Half hour (1/2) and one (1) hour appointments are available Monday to Friday (and occasional Saturdays). To make an appointment please phone 8222 1736 during office hours. If unattended, please leave a message (including after hours) on 0414 240 188.


All massages are conducted within facilities of the Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, 207 - 255 Hampstead Road, Northfield.

Massage Options

A choice of massage is available in regard to bringing your own linen or having it supplied by the massage therapist.

If supplying your own linen you will need to bring along 3 towels, 1 hand towel, 1 sheet and a pillow case.

Fee Schedule

A fee schedule is available on application.


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